Handmade Ceramics Studio

From Earrings to Dinnerware and Plantpots

Every item at Studio Meaux is handmade from the best clays and porcelains. This makes every item unique and special.

Clay is a very versatile material which lends itself perfectly for experimentation. We love to explore these endless posibilities. The craft of ceramics never gets boring!

Our New Dinnerware Collection

Handmade from black stoneware clay, we offer a bright collection of dinnerware pieces in various sizes. Every piece is dishwasherproof and surprisingly lightweight. Mix and match or make a beautiful set out of the same color.

Fun Versatile Serving Trays

These serving trays make everything you would like to present look better! At Studio Meaux we even use them to present our own handmade earring collection.

Available in a palette of different colors and various claytypes. They are dishwasherproof.

Porcelain Earrings

Studio Meaux's earrings are handmade with the finest porcelain, making them delicate, yet strong.

The metal used for every earring is made from 925 sterling silver. The golden pairs are goldplated with 24K gold. Every step of the process is done by Monique, the owner of Studio Meaux. From sculpting the basic form to painting the real golden 24 K or platinum details on the porcelain pieces.