Playful glazes on handmade tableware, stylish porcelain earrings, funny & cute plant pots and colorful vases: every available product is handmade with precision and an eye for quality. Moreover, everything is produced locally from the most 'green' available clay and porcelain types. 

Studio Meaux was founded by me, Monique van de Ven. I am a Dutch designer and artist, with a great love for ceramics. I studied visual arts at the art academy in 's-Hertogenbosch, where I first came into contact with the craft of ceramics. I immediately fell in love with the material and enjoy experimenting with different materials within the medium.

The studio is located in the middle of a wholesaler for ceramic materials in 's-Hertogenbosch. Ideal, because all the materials needed to create works are immediately at hand. Studio Meaux's permanent collection consists of porcelain earrings, plant pots, vases, bowls, tableware and animal figures. It is also possible to have custom works made, such as large vases, bowls and tableware.

Would you like to inform about custom order options or would you like to get acquainted with the possibilities within Studio Meaux? Contact us for an appointment and you are very welcome in the studio.